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When speaking about sustainability, we are ultimately speaking about nature. Diamonds are nature’s most perfectly created objects—rare and incredibly strong—which is why we prize them so much.

This theme uses geometric design elements and prism-like fractals in the photography to capture that sense of flawless execution present in a high-quality diamond. It takes a lot of heat and pressure to make a flawless diamond, and ANIREP is ready to meet those same challenges head-on.

Who is ANIREP & Why do we exist

ANIREP listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange (“NSX”) on 12 September 2019, raising N$ 167 million. ANIREP is the first listed strategic investor of renewable energy projects in Namibia and provides a bridge for capital markets into utility scale renewable energy projects. The company intends to provide investors with stable predictable, long term investments generating and yielding a consistent return on equity.

ANIREP is taking advantage of the environment created by the Namibian government for mobilising private sector investment into power projects, well ahead of its peer governments in the SADC region. This includes cost reflective tariffs, an independent and functional regulator, and significant steps towards a competitive market structure, including the ability to purchase power from any generator, other than NamPower.

Our strategic objective upon listing 2019, was to raise sufficient equity capital from long term institutional shareholders to establish an IPP platform through the acquisition of renewable energy IPPs and the in-house EPC capabilities and track record to develop our own assets going forwards.

ANIREP aims to sustainably provide competitively priced affordable renewable energyand energy storage solutions for the purpose of :

• Making our country self-sufficient thereby eliminating the 630MWp currently imported by NamPower, which expire 2021-2025.
• Enabling the increase in the electrification from the current 57% of Namibian households with access to electricity (At present, almost 30 years after independence, only 57% of rural households have access to electricity)

ANIREP Hydrogen
ANIREP Hydrogen

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Our Business:
Strategy and Approach

Our aim is to become the largest developer and operator of utility scale renewable energy assets in Namibia, and grow a well established brand, leveraging on the track record of Hopsol Africa “HAFR” and ANIREP Solar.

Solar power is a cleaner, faster-to-build and cost-effective alternative energy solution. The typical project plan timeline for our projects is approximately eighteen months. The major stages of project life cycle are bidding, PPA, EIA, land permits, financing, material ordering and delivery, installation, commissioning, as well as monitoring and maintenance.

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Solutions & Findings

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Hotel California
Ad Astra brings tremendous value to my company. We have generated more leads in the last 45 days than the last 2 years.
Brenda Clarkson
Motivated LLC
Ad Astra brings tremendous value to my company. We have generated more leads in the last 45 days than the last 2 years.
Brenda Clarkson
Motivated LLC

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